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Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Other than the seven wardens, what are the other volunteers in the Camp called?

    • Honorary Wardens are past Wardens of the Camp.

    • Other obligated engineers volunteering with the Camp are called Alternate Wardens.

  2. What are the key activities of the Camp?

    • The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer (the Ritual) held at University of Waterloo.  Due to the number of candidates who attend this Ritual, the activities required to run the Ritual are done over 4 different days as follows:

      • Introductory Lectures – usually held on a week day in mid-January in the late afternoon 2-3 weeks ahead of the date of the actual Ritual.

      • Online Registration - usually takes place in the 2 weeks following the Introductory Lectures, ending with the Ring Fitting event.

      • Ring Fitting – usually held on a week day in late January 1-2 weeks ahead of the date of the actual Ritual. Late afternoon/early evening depending on room availability. 

      • The Ritual of the Calling of the Engineer Ceremony – usually held the first or second Saturday in February. 

      • Ring Refit – usually held on a week day in the late afternoon at the beginning of March for newly obligated engineers only requiring a ring resize to replace the initial one that did not fit or was lost.

    • The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer held at Conestoga College

      • Online Registration usually takes place in the two weeks before the Ritual date.

      • The Ritual event usually takes place on a week day in the late afternoon and evening in early June.

    • The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer Renewal Ceremony held at the University of Waterloo.

      • This event is usually held each year for Waterloo Engineer alumni who graduated 25 and 50 years ago.  The event usually takes place during the Engineering Alumni weekend. 

      • A few Wardens of Camp 15 are also available during the day to offer replacement rings to those Engineers who have lost their rings or might want to resize them.

  3. Who can attend Camp 15 Rituals?

    • At Camp 15, Ritual attendees include candidates, Guest Ring Presenters (who are obligated engineers with at least 4 years experience) and Guests who are family or friends of candidates. The maximum number of Guests will be stipulated by the Camp for each Ritual held.

  4. Who can participate in the Ritual and receive an Iron Ring?

    • Fourth year engineering students that are expected to graduate, from an accredited engineering program from a Canadian University or college, or

    • Other Candidates who have confirmation of having met the academic requirements for licensure by a provincial or territorial regulator of professional engineers.

  5. How does one apply to receive an Iron Ring?

    • Candidates graduating from University of Waterloo Engineering Undergraduate Programs or the Conestoga College accredited Engineering Programs will automatically be invited to attend a Ritual and receive an iron ring during their final year of engineering.  They will receive further instructions from Camp 15 prior to the ceremony scheduled for their school.

    •  “Other” candidates can apply to attend a ritual and receive an iron ring by visiting the 'Ring Application' section on this website.

  6. Is there a cost to participate in the Ritual and receive an iron ring?

    • Although there is no fee to attend the Ritual we ask candidates to contribute to the cost of running the Rituals and the business of the Camp and for the purchasing iron rings. 

  7. How does one replace a lost ring?

    • To replace an iron ring, visit the 'Ring Replacement' section on this website.

  8. How can I contact the Camp for general inquires?

    • You can contact the Camp by visiting the 'Contact Us' section on this website.

  9. Can I volunteer with Camp 15?

    • All Volunteers of Camp 15 must be obligated Engineers.  Although we welcome newly obligated Engineers as volunteers, only volunteers that have been obligated for 4 years or more can participate in the Ritual as one of the 7 presiding Engineers and/or “ring” new candidates during the Ritual.

    • If you would like to volunteer with the camp please contact any current Warden of Camp 15 who will discuss your interest and then put you in contact with the Chief Warden. 

  10. Are the rings genuine?

    • The rings provided by this Camp to newly obligated engineers or to previously-obligated engineers in need of a replacement, are genuine rings supplied to this Camp and made under licence in Canada for the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc. Its design is registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office under Registration Number TMA123535.  Counterfeit rings are available via the internet and should not be purchased by engineers, or soon to become engineers, as they represent an infringement on the iron ring trademark owned by the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc.  You are encouraged to purchase rings through this Camp to ensure that the tradition of the Ritual, the Obligation and the iron ring continues.

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