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Opportunities to Volunteer for Camp 15

Camp 15 is a volunteer organization and requires volunteers to help organize and run events.  Some events include introductory talks, registration, ring fitting, the Ritual itself, post-Ritual ring refitting, and renewal ceremonies for obligated engineers.  In addition, a number of planning meetings are held each year.  See the Events page for up and coming events. 


If you are interested in being a guest speaker to deliver an inspirational message to the newly obligated engineers at the end of the Ritual, please contact us and you will be given some guidance on how to prepare a message describing what the obligation (and your ring) have meant to you during your career.

Note that you must be an obligated engineer in order to volunteer for some events.

Contact us using the 'CONTACT US' section in the top navigation menu if you are interested in volunteering for events or as a guest speaker.

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