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Obligation Certificates

The procedure to obtain a new Obligation Certificate, suitable for framing, is quite simple but we do it using Canada Post since we do not have an office.  Please provide a letter, addressed to Camp 15, Waterloo wherein you state that you are in need of a new Certificate to replace the one that you do not have.  We always send a new wallet-sized Obligation card with your new certificate.  Include in the letter, your full name, middle initial, year and discipline of engineering, a personal cheque, money order or bank draft in the amount of $20.00, payable to Camp 15, Waterloo.

Send the letter and your payment to: Camp 15, Waterloo, P. O. Box 188, Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 3Z9.


It takes approximately 3 weeks to process your request.  We will mail the Certificate to you at the return address that you indicate, in Canada, the USA, or international.

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