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The Wardens of Camp 15

We are the Seven Wardens of Camp 15, chartered under the authority of the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc.  We are charged with the custody of the text of The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, the notes appended thereto, and the Ancient Landmarks, of which nothing can be altered or varied by anyone.

The Seven Wardens of Camp 15 are:

  • Jeff Dietz

  • Kathleen Forde

  • Larry Galajda

  • Vanessa Marshall

  • Shabnam (Shay) Ivkovic

  • Mitch Wawzonek

  • Murray Zink


We are responsible for conducting the Ritual ceremony from time to time, usually annually, to welcome young engineers to the profession.  We are practicing and retired engineers who believe that young engineers should be obligated by men and women of known achievement and capacity in their calling, who, of their own desire, have come to participate in the Camp to renew the unspoken ideals and vows of our own youth.

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