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History of Camp 15 Waterloo

Camp 15 was officially inaugurated in Waterloo, Ontario on September 18, 1962 at the K-W Granite Club, when then Chief Warden of the Corporation of Seven Wardens Inc., Richard E Heartz, presented the Book of Authority to the seven petitioning engineers from the Waterloo area. The seven petitioning engineers also became the first Wardens of Camp 15.  They and their successors were/are empowered to act under the “Rule of Governance” as drawn up by the Seven Wardens and adopted by Camp 15 in 1962 to perpetuate The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer in the Waterloo area.


Seventy graduating students from the University of Waterloo’s first engineering programs of civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical and engineering physics were obligated under the supervision of representatives of Camp 11 London on June 8, 1962. Nineteen other engineers from the Waterloo area were obligated at the inaugural ceremony on March 26th, 1963.  On June 4th, 1963, one hundred and one graduating engineers from the University of Waterloo were obligated.


The original seven Wardens of Camp 15 were: W. Bobbie, W.R. Carruthers, M.A. Montgomery., J.P. Runge, L.J.R Sanders, M.H. Schmitt and A.M. Snider.


The Wardens of Camp 15 conducted one Obligation Ceremony in Guelph, Ontario on March 31, 1967, to obligate the first twenty-nine candidates from the University of Guelph prior to the inauguration of Camp 17, Guelph, in 1968.


The Wardens of Camp 15 conducted the first Ritual ceremony at Conestoga College on November 5, 2010, when fourteen mechanical engineering candidates from Conestoga College made their obligations. 

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