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Videoconference Policy

1) Care must be exercised to manage and protect privacy during videoconference meetings. Participants should:

  • Become familiar with the platform being used, including guidance on how to enable security and privacy safeguards as well as their privacy policies. 

  • Find a quiet space without interruptions and limited background noise.  Be particularly aware of who can listen to your meeting and ensure that confidential conversations are not inadvertently overheard.  For example, keep your microphone on mute unless you need to speak. 

  • Be aware of what is in your background - have a plain background as much as possible or blur your background.  If your surroundings can be seen, then have a “clean” work area so that personal objects (e.g., family photographs, etc.) are minimized.

  • Be mindful of how you communicate.  Communication should be topical, focused on meeting content, and individuals should refrain from divulging the personal information of others. 

  • Be aware of the possibility, when divulging personal information during videoconference meetings, that the information may become widely shared with other participants.


2) Participants are always expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner during videoconference meetings.
3) Recording of videoconference meetings is strictly prohibited.

  • Camp 15 events, whether held in person or via videoconference, are solemn events that prohibit any forms of recording whatsoever.

  • Recording a videoconference meeting puts everyone in the position of having their information recorded in a number of ways, either with their direct participation (e.g. video, audio, chat) or through indirect means (i.e. online identifier, such as name or telephone number). These conditions raise privacy concerns. 

  • Any instances of unauthorized recordings will be investigated seriously and possibly result in a formal report being filed with your educational institution and/or the Waterloo Region Police Services.

4) The host of videoconference meetings reserve the right to remove any participants, at its discretion, deemed in violation of the “Videoconference Policy”.
5) Please be aware of possible limitations and risks while attending the Camp 15 Videoconference Meeting: (a) limitations to ensuring privacy security of information despite reasonable efforts; (b) unauthorized copying and disclosure, disclosure as required by law, access to information requests; (c) introduction of malware into computer system, which could potentially damage or disrupt computer, networks, and security settings; and (4) connectivity/technical difficulties or loss of data that is associated with participants’ own hardware, software, or Internet connection.


6) By registering for and attending the Camp 15 Videoconference Meeting, you, on behalf of yourself and your guests (including, without limitation, family members) (“Guests”), assume all risks associated with your attendance and participation in all on- and off-site activities that are part of or affiliated with the Camp 15 Videoconference Meeting. By registering for this meeting, you, on behalf of yourself and your Guests, agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Camp 15, its wardens, volunteers, and agents from all loss, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) or liability arising out of or related to attendance and participation at the Camp 15 Videoconference Meeting by you and your Guests, including without limitation, personal injury (including death) or any damage caused by you or any of your guests to any venue utilized by Camp 15 for the Videoconference Meeting, or your failure to comply with applicable law or the rules and regulations of the host venue or other venues utilized. 


Questions or Concerns

If you have questions about the above guidelines, or if you have additional questions, contact us using the 'CONTACT US' section in the top navigation menu.

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