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Online Registration Instructions

Read all instructions carefully before proceeding to the next step.

Step 1.  Provide Your Consent for Camp 15 to Use Information

As part of registration, Camp 15 will require your consent to utilize information provided by you.  By clicking the ‘I Consent’ button at the bottom of the page, you consent to these statements and policies If you do not provide consent, you will not be allowed to proceed with registration. 

Step 2.  Registration

Complete the registration in one (1) attempt.  Closing your browser before completing Steps 2 and 3 may prevent you from successfully registering for the Iron Ring Ritual.  DO NOT register more than one (1) time.

To register for the Iron Ring Ritual, you need to provide the following information to start:

- Unique Identifier Number Assigned to You

- Last Name

Optional Guest Registration

As part of registration, you may request that an obligated engineer attend the Iron Ring Ritual with you as a guest.  Your guest can be your guest ring presenter and obligate you by presenting your iron ring to you during the Iron Ring Ritual.  If you choose to request a guest to attend, the following information must be gathered about your guest before you continue your registration:

- Confirm Your Guest is an Obligated Engineer and Actively Wearing Their Iron Ring

- Full Name of Guest

- Relationship of Guest to You

- Which Camp Your Guest was Obligated At / Received Their Iron Ring

- When Your Guest was Obligated / Received Their Iron Ring

- Email Address of Your Guest

Step 3.  Payment

The payment for Seniors / Others is $50 CAD.  The method of payment is Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal.

Step 4.  What to Expect After Registration

You will receive 1) a payment receipt email and 2) a registration summary email.  Keep these emails in case they have to be referenced in the future.  Check your spam folders if these emails do not show up in your inbox. 

If you have any questions, contact us via the 'Contact Us' section.

NOTE: You must use a supported browser with Cookies enabled.  Supported web browsers include latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.  We cannot guarantee compatibility with mobile web browsers or 'safe / secure' web browsers associated with anti-virus software.  If you have Cookies disabled on your web browser please temporarily enable Cookies to ensure the process operates normally.

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